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Our Story

Italian inspired, Toronto made.


Pierangela Schiroso founded Schiroso Gluten-Free Foods in 2019 after years of creating and refining her famous gluten-free dough. Born and raised in southern Italy, Pierangela pursued her studies in the culinary arts. In 1995, Pierangela arrived in Toronto where she began to bring her passion for cooking to life.

Pierangela co-founded Nate's Bagels - a gluten-free bakery in Concord, ON where their gluten-free products quickly took off. Nate's Bagels became an award winning gluten-free manufacturer that has re-invented the texture and flavour of gluten-free foods. After years of baking at Nate's, it was time to open Schiroso! Schiroso Gluten-Free Foods was born to continue on the tradition of creating a near gluten experience. At Schiroso's you will find some of our favourite products from Nate's and some new and exciting ones as well!


So come hungry, and get ready to taste the difference of Schiroso's gluten-free foods.

Buon Appetito!



"Al Dente makes you smile"


Pierangela Schiroso

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